When Security Guards Are Held Liable Under the Law

A professional security guard’s job is to protect their client’s interests. These interests almost always include people and property. Executive security managers take this responsibility very seriously and expect their guards on the ground to do the same. However, there are instances where security contractors are held legally liable for damages and injuries caused as a result of their actions or a lack thereof. Let’s go over a few of these situations.

Duty of Care

Security guards are legally obligated to provide security services on their assigned premises. A duty of care is a legal obligation to exercise reasonable caution to avoid acts or omissions that may cause harm to others.

Security guards don’t have the immunity that police officers enjoy. Security guards have to be careful and mindful of their responsibilities. Failure to adhere to your duty of care can result in lawsuits for negligence.

Understanding Negligence

Negligence is the basis of most legal claims against private security contractors. Negligence occurs when a security guard fails to fulfill their duty of care, causing harm to others, which is avoidable.

After all, isn’t the point of hiring security guards to provide protection and safety? Usually, negligence lawsuits are filed against security firms by their clients. Again, wasn’t the point of hiring security guards in the first place to make the environment safer and more secure?

Excessive Use of Force

Private guards are trained to use reasonable force to protect people and property from harm. This can sometimes include using deadly force. However, if a security guard uses excessive force, they can be held liable for any damages or injuries caused. Excessive force occurs when a security guard uses more force than necessary.

Imagine a security officer shooting a man over a candy bar or beating down a shoplifting suspect with a baton when he could have done the same thing without using a weapon. See what I mean?

Legal Actions Against Security Guards

If a security guard is held liable for any harm caused due to their actions or omissions, there could be grounds for legal action. The most common legal actions include:

  • Civil Liability: These type of legal claims are made by the injured party for compensation for any damages or injuries caused. These claims can include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain, suffering, and whatever else a clever lawyer can come up with.
  • Criminal Liability: Criminal liability is a legal claim made by the state for any criminal acts committed by the security guard. Such a claim can result in fines, imprisonment, or both.
  • Administrative Liability: This type of legal claim is made by employers for damages caused by the security guard. If the court sides with the plaintiff, the ruling can result in termination of employment or other disciplinary actions.

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